Angelic Intervention or Something Else

by John

Hi all,

I'd like your opinion on this story as I’m a little stumped. About 3 years ago my father gave me a Month of the Holy Souls document (in the form of a letter inside an envelope) to pass onto my local catholic church. One evening I returned home from my local gym, pulled the Holy Souls document out of my bag, looked at it, muttered the word rubbish (or likely something more colorful) tore it in half and stuffed into my kitchen bin.

The following day I got up around 10 am on a Saturday morning and shuffled into the kitchen, had breakfast, then returned to my bedroom to locate and put on my boots. As I sat on the edge of my bed tying my shoelaces I casually looked up and to my surprise on the floor in front of me lay the holy souls document with both pieces meticulously placed side by side. Given I live alone I find it impossible to explain how the letter made it into my bedroom from my bin. Unless of course, it did a Toy Story grew legs and waddled into my bedroom in the night.

To this day I’m stumped as to how this occurred, could I in a bout of shame sleepwalked into the kitchen and fished out both parts from my full smelly bin? Or was this a sign from a guardian angel of sorts? If so then am I to pray for the deceased as the month of the holy souls' document dictates?

How can an individual pray for the deceased when there are passages in the bible that state the act of prayer for the dead will do nothing - (Psalm 146:4; Ecclesiastes 9:5, 10). Each person who dies sleeps in his grave in unconsciousness until the resurrection (John 5:28-29; Daniel 12:2; Job 19:25-26; 14:12-14; John 3:13; Acts 2:29, 34).
Any thoughts on the above would be appreciated!

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by: Patricia

Thank you for sharing this experience, John.

The Bible is a complex document and interpreting the meaning of the words is not a simple task.

We can call on the Holy Spirit to help us interpret what we read. We could give the following fiat "Come, Holy Spirit Enlighten Me!" three times.

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