Angel visitation with a message

by Gretchen
(Buffalo NY USA)

In 2009 one night my phone was going off at 3:00 am. I went to see why and it was an alarm, which was funny because I had never set the alarm ever on that phone.
I realized there was a light coming from my back porch, and I went to investigate. There on my porch was what I consider to be an angel. It was a very bright light, but it didn't hurt my eyes. It had rays coming from a center point. I at the time was a wiccan but grew up very active in my parent's Christian church.
The light told me that I would be a Christian by the time I was married. (I had just gotten engaged). I would be part what I am now and part christian. I would have to figure the balance out.
Well, the next day I went out to study how to merge the seemingly vast difference between Wicca and Christianity. I started with the gnostic texts and mystic texts. I realized that the reasons I left christianity were imposed by humans not God or Jesus.
With that, I lost my anger at God. What religion am I now? Its hard to say because my eyes opened to the truth in all religion that day. They all have a grain of truth. I am spiritual.
With the world getting to be smaller and smaller the angel made me realize there is no one true way.

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by: Patricia

Thanks for sharing your story, Gretchen. I am glad you started with the gnostic and mystic texts.
There is truth in all religions that are based on love.

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