Angel Signs of Hope

by Anonymous

Growing up I never really thought about the existence of angels. I was raised as a Christian but was never that spiritual.

It wasn't until recently at age 20, that my religious and spiritual knowledge started to grow and I started to put the signs together.

I had heard random people online telling about their experiences with angels and I always wondered "if they're real, why haven't I had any experience like that?" ...

One day I decided to ask for my Guardian Angel to send me a clear sign if they existed and were ready to help me. During this time I was experiencing anxiety and some stress, so I was looking for hope and comfort.

A minute later I turned my music on and the first song that played was one that I never really listened to before, however, what struck me was the lyrics.

As soon as I heard the lyrics at the end I felt different. The song kept repeating "forever and ever always I love you, whenever you need me I'll be right there by you, whenever you call me I'm there when you call, whenever you're falling I'm there when you fall, wherever you're going I'll be right there showing, our love's always growing and growing and growing, I know that you know, there's no need for guessing it, when I am requested I'm there with no questions asked..."

The reason these lyrics struck me is that they actually answered the prayer and request I had made about a minute earlier.

Suddenly I felt greater comfort and hope because I didn't feel so alone. Then I remembered all those times as a child I received help or signs. As a child I used to see reptile and snake-like shadows all over my walls at night when I was trying to sleep, it used to terrify me until I started praying and stopped seeing the shadows.

In fact, there have been a few instances where I have prayed for help and actually received what I was asking for.

One of the first signs I remember receiving goes back to when I was 5 years old. It still remains as one of my favorite memories ever. A

t the time I had survived a war in my home country and my parents were very poor. We literally lost everything and had no money or home.

During the Christmas and New Years season, a man gave my father a big package filled with chocolates and candy. He asked my father to give it to his child as a gift. This was great news for my parents because they could not afford to buy me any gifts and this was all I was given. They told me the gift was from Santa and like any child I was very excited!

The first bit of chocolate I opened was a Kinder Surprise egg which contained a toy. This toy was special to me though because it was an animal that was native to only one country - the country my parents were seeking to move to.

Before this, my parents had applied for a Visa to move overseas so that we could start a new life.

However the embassy told my parents that the documents we gave in were very old and due to a large number of applicants, it was highly unlikely that we would be accepted.

My parents almost lost hope, until a few days later I was surprised by the toy that represented the native animal of the country we were seeking residency in.

My parents questioned if it was a sign, and sure enough soon after we received a phone call saying that we had been accepted and our visa was granted. As a child I didn't pick up on these signs, but eventually, I started to put everything together in my life and I realised that God and Angels have always been there for me, I just never paid attention.

My mother often says that as a toddler I had conversations and laughed with 'invisible figures' that no one could see. Some people said these were Guardian Angels watching over me while I stayed in the hospital as a toddler due to a few health problems.

Perhaps they were right. Regardless, I have decided that all the signs of hope and support I have received in my life mean one thing - Angels are around us and they want to help, we just have to open our eyes, believe and be grateful. Sometimes a sign can be right in front of our eyes and we just don't notice!

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