Angel of Revelations appears in photo

by Gail LaBossiere
(Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)

An angel of Revelation appears with a cryptic message

An angel of Revelation appears with a cryptic message

I had been wondering if there were angels watching over me.

Being interested in finding and analyzing miraculous photographs, I stumbled upon Veronica Leukin's site, St. Michael's Radio Stn. There, many many miraculous photos were taken using a Polaroid instant developing camera. I thought, "Why not try this method and ask the angels a question?"

So, I and my friend got together with a used Polaroid camera, and I said a few prayers in meditation, and asked, "Are you protecting us? Who are you? Can you give us evidence that you exist?"

The camera took its time to 'click' out the developing film. As the photo started to emit colors. A gold cone appeared at the bottom. The black column of energy, is really the blinding white light of heaven that burnt out the film! The whole photograph emitted an electric energy when holding my hand over the picture!

"Angel Energy!" This was and is an authentic photograph! Five years later, upon finding the photograph in another place, I needed to look at the picture under natural sunlight. As I placed the photo under sunlight, a second image appeared in the cone of gold! Again, it took me several more years to decipher the symbolism inside the cone. More learning, more experiences, more asking questions and research.

There was a long white funnel at the far right of the cone. This reminded me of the movie, "The Ten Commandments, starring Charleton Heston, and the fire tunnel preventing the Pharaoh to catch up to Moses. I received an affirmation for this decipher. On the left side of the gold cone, was a tomb stone and a soul trying to get to the fiery funnel. An angel was stopping it. On the bottom right of the gold cone was a large skull with a flame on top. I found that the Holy Spirit in images above saints heads is a fire light, a small flame. Here the skull was interpreted that those who have the Holy Spirit in their lives, have a small firelight above their heads and will enter into the column of light, the tunnel to the Heavenly Realms.

What an interesting answer to my question! And I was one of those with that firelight above my head!


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