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I had was hurt over a broken abusive marriage, and scared of getting hurt again. I met a wonderful spiritual man and worried that he might not be the right one for me and afraid I might end up getting hurt again.
After talking to my new friend on the phone, I hung up and asked for a message to show me if he was the right man for me. I touched my heart and said I think I am falling in love, but I am worried please send me a message and I fell asleep.
I woke up hearing what I thought was a chime, it continued to play then it stopped and I fell asleep only to wake up hearing the music play again. I finally got up to go to the bathroom went back into the bedroom turned on the light and walked over to where I thought the music was coming from.
There was an angel made of cloth on the book shelf and I noticed there was a musical angel on the dresser, I had completely forgotten it was there, I have others in a curio cabinet in the living room where I have all my collections of music boxes and angels in another room, but that one happened to be in my bedroom.
I turned the angel upside down looked at the winding mechanism and wondered how did this play on its own, I had to turn it to get it to play again, never played before on its own and hasn't since. As I turned back to set it down on the bottom of her long dress the letters printed read: "FOLLOW YOUR HEART"!
The angels continue to keep sending me messages and watching over me and my new Wonderful Spritual Husband.
Angels are around us, they are there for us. They speak to you and send you messages, LISTEN and BELIEVE!
I have many other angels stories to tell, they are with us.

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Angel of peace
by: GBY

Focus more on inner peace in your service and search of God .. To build a stronger connection. A relationship with him is first. Love is 🔑 not fear.Then wen he knows your ready.God will put him or her on your lap. He never fails.

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