Angel Gave My Father Hope in His Younger Years.

I decided to tell this story because I believe it can give others hope when they are in a low time of their life.

The story was told to me by my father one morning when we were talking, and somehow angels became part of the conversation.

Told in my father's words, and he has never been one to talk about things like this.

My father grew up in a very depressing home. His dad was a drinker. Many arguments went on in his home while growing up, so most of his days were spent outside the home, and he also mowed lawns from the age of 10, along with playing his favorite sport baseball. He was a good ballplayer, his position that he played was catcher.

His senior year of high school he found out that he would not be starting in the catcher position. It was the one thing in his life he enjoyed, hearing this news devastated him. He told me it all hit him at once, with the bad home life, and now this.

It was a hot summer that year, and he was mowing one of his regular's lawn. He was about 25% done with the job when a man walked up to him.

Dad told me he felt something different about this man, but he could not put his finger on it. The man came up to him and told him everything was going to be alright, and that he was going to have a great life, and to just hang in there because there were good things to come.

After the stranger said this to him, he looked at the job he had to finish, and then back at the man who had spoken to him, and he had disappeared. When he looked back at his job, it was all finished. trimming and all!

Confused, he did not know what to think. About that time a man pulled up in a car, it was the baseball coach from another team. Not just any team, the top team in the area, and a class up. He asked my dad if he would like to be their catcher for that year. Astonished, he said yes.

I asked my dad why he had never told that story before, he told me "The only other person who knows that story is your mom. If I told that story to anyone else they would think I was nuts." But he assured me it absolutely happened. I have no doubt it is a true story.

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