An Angel Manifested to Myself and My Father in Locked Intensive Care Ward

by Gillian Walton

My father was seriously ill and needed an emergency operation. The doctor prepared us for the possibility that
he would not recover or come round from the operation.

My father had not been a religious man but now faced with
the possibility of death was terrified. He asked for the
last rights from a vicar or priest. There was no time to
contact one as they were getting ready for an emergency

I held the hand of my terrified father and prayed.

Suddenly I was aware of a man standing next to me
as large as life. He was dressed in army uniform and army
boots and said he was a soldier of the Lord.

In bold, certain tones he gave my father the last rites. Within minutes the nurses arrived to take him down to the operating theatre.

The look of fear and panic on my fathers face had gone.

I next visited him in intensive care. He could not speak
but pointed to an alphabet chart and spelled out last rites giving me the thumbs up. Whether he survived or died I knew
his soul was at peace.

He did survive and when he was able to speak asked the
nurse to send him the man of God who had given him the last rites as he wished to thank him.

The nurse told him he must have been hallucinating due to
being so ill. There was no such man and in any case, he had
been on a locked intensive care ward. Someone would have
seen him in order to let him in. None of the staff had.

I explained that my father had definitely not imagined
it as I had been by his side and both seen and heard
him myself.

He had been a larger-than-life character who
I and my father would never forget.

From this experience onwards my father has had a new peace
about him and from being very distant when I was younger
we are now very close.

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by: Patricia

What a blessing!

That was the silver lining for sure.

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