Aided by an Angel?

by Gloria
(Toronto, Canada)

It was a bad winter morning, snow piled high on the sidewalks and on slippery roads.

I had just left home and was driving to work. I noticed an elderly lady with a walking cane on the sidewalk and I had barely passed her when she suddenly fell onto the road.

I stopped my car a few metres ahead and rushed out to help her. It was difficult and we were both slipping on the road.

I quietly breathed a prayer and asked God for help to get her up.

Suddenly, this young man appeared on her right hand side and picked her up by her arm. We lifted her to her feet effortlessly and he handed her her cane and told her to be careful.

I was still trying to steady her and turned around to thank him. The sidewalks and streets were empty except for the lightly falling snow. I looked up and down the wide street and did not see the young man at all!

Suddenly it hit me when I realized that he was clad in a white t-shirt, denims and runners on a bitter winter morning. And for one brief moment our eyes had locked. He had the gentlest dark eyes and curly dark hair.

I would like to think that it was one of the Angels. Thank you dear God for sending him to us.

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How Lovely!
by: Patricia

How lovely to have an encounter with angles. Thanks for sharing this story Gloria.

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