A Urge To Go Back

by Ashley
(England )

It happened last September when I was on my holidays. I was sitting by the pool and I needed to go upstairs to get ready.

Before I went my dad told me to make sure I shut the apartment door behind me as he has a case of OCD with making sure doors are shut.

I got ready and left my 10th-floor room and went downstairs. I was just about to get in the lift when I realised one of my false nails were missing which I had on in the room. I looked down on the floor around me but it was nowhere. I walked a bit further back for a check and couldn't find it so I just decided to leave it but a voice was urging me to go back to the room.

I was ignoring it when it really urged me to go back so I walked back to the room. When I got to the door it was wide open I assumed straight away that the cleaner was in the room but no one was there that was when I realised I had just walked out of the room and left the door wide open with all our valuables in the room. I could not believe it!

I locked the door and went down to the first floor when I look down and found my false nail on the floor in a random place but I was sure it was on my finger in the room.

I don't know what happened but I am a 100% sure that it was my angel urging me to go back because if I hadn't gone we could have got robbed. Thank Goodness for the angels x

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Reminder to act on those urgings
by: Patricia

Thanks Ashley.
I'm glad you acted on that urge.

This is a good reminder to act on that small voice we hear. It can have a profound effect on our life.

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