"A Baptism of Love by an Angel"

by Britney Pieta
(Glen Ellyn, Illinois, USA)

The day I felt an angel’s love was the best 2 minutes of my life. You may ask, “How can 2 minutes of love,” impact your life that much?
Let me tell you that even if it only lasted a second, and if nothing else this experience has made me believe 100% in the existence of God and angels.
For a month or so before I had my angel experience my spirit was crying out to God, and I was crying out with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength.
I kept saying in my head, “Help! Help! Help!” It wasn’t because I was in need of someone to save me or that I was dying or something.
It was because my spirit was thirsty because like any traveler on a journey I needed to make a water stop and refresh myself.
People sometimes use the phrase when they pray for someone, “God pour out your love on this person.”
I literally felt pure love (which I will explain more further along), and it makes me laugh with a hidden joy like God, and I have an inside joke kind of thing because only God really understands why everything in Christianity reminds me of this experience, and I felt the “real thing.”
So this is how it happened one night in the year 2003….
I know God knows the thoughts of man, and he can hear anyone even if they don’t utter anything out loud. This part of my experience is very important.
First, it means that if you can’t use your mouth to ask for help–God is still aware of what you are thinking. Second it means that God really does care, and nothing can stop his help from reaching you and me. Imagine if someone tied you down to a chair and put something over your mouth so you couldn’t talk. God is God, so nothing is impossible for him. In the Bible, it says, “You know when I sit and when I rise. You perceive my thoughts from afar."
Well, it was an average night. I didn’t think anything special was about to happen. I was trying to sleep but was still awake. Then I felt a presence in the room. It was hovering over me. I didn’t actually see its physical form I just saw the outline of it.
I don’t understand why it didn’t let me see its full self because I wouldn’t be scared of it. Other things in life have scared me already, so if this angel looked scary it wouldn’t bother me too much because I already knew what being scared is really like!
My sister was a part of the experience too because she heard it say to her, “I need to pour this on your sister.” I always wondered why it told her and not me. I would gladly accept anything from an angel in an instant if one ever asked me! It was carrying a bowl of something according to her. I believe it was from the river of life.
Somehow I think my spirit already knew this was going to happen because I counted it
1…2….3….4….5…6…7 with it as I felt each bit of love pour and fall on me. It was like pure honey running down my head. When it ran down my head, it seemed to dissolve into my head. I don’t know how else to say this but the sensation I felt from it on my head was the same kind of thing when pop fizzes when you pour it in a glass or those golden fireworks you see on the 4th of July that just seem to dissolve in the air and look like pixie dust.
Whoever told you that Disney is the only magical thing, this is way beyond Disney magic to me. Just those two minutes of pure love was just what my thirsty soul needed. It seemed to happen so fast but the experience has lasted way beyond those two minutes.
Seven is the number for spiritual perfection and Samuel and others were anointed in the Bible with someone pouring oil on their head.
This water I felt wasn’t visible so somehow I feel it was meant to calm my spirit down and a baptism of love for my spirit and not for me physically. But of course, it had a double effect of making me feel loved physically too.
Every time I feel thirsty, I can draw from that experience and replay it over and over again. God baptizes us with love to give us courage, and even a drop of love will tide me over till I get to heaven.

I wrote this poem a couple of years later while thinking about this experience:

“It’s like having everything completely at your disposal
And having it go all the way down to your soul
It’s like being set for eternity
But keeping it for yourself
And never being really happy
Unless you give it away freely."

Now it’s time for me to pour myself out to others who are thirsty because of this wonderful gift and memory I have been given.

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How Wonderful
by: Patricia

How wonderful Britney to receive such a gift!
Thank you so much for sharing your story.

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