7 Archangels really are here whenever we call them.

by Ron Catangui
(Rizal, Philippines)

I'm writing this tonight, so as it happened a moment earlier. Okay, so here how it goes, I'm retyping a prayer from a booklet about the prayers to the 7 archangels as my grandpa asked me to do so.
Each one of the archangels have prayers, and there's a prayer for all of them. While typing it, I searched for prayers of St. Benedict's cross/medal, prayers to cast out evil/devil/bad entities or spirits.
Suddenly my internet connection got disconnected (wifi).
The only way to turn it back on is to go to my aunt's room and restart/open the switch of the wifi router. I cannot enter her room anymore because it's locked since it's already midnight. So, there's no way to turn it back on. I was chatting with my girlfriend too, while typing the prayers. She had a slight fever for a few days, and she felt heavy stuff on her legs or arms whenever she's at home, and that feeling is gone when she's not home, so just what I thought, it's some kind of evil entity.
I'm browsing over the net for prayers to cast out evil entities like that, St. Michael the Archangel's prayers, St. Benedict's and many more. I cannot continue due to loss of wifi signal. As I reached the part where there is "(your requests here)" portion on the prayers to the 7 great archangels, I tried to ask them a favor.
I called Saint Michael's name three times, I asked him to please be with my beloved girl, and disperse any evil entity that's causing her to feel that. I also called Saint Raphael's name three times, as the archangels' great Healer, with the blessing of the Father almighty. I trusted him, and I entrusted my girlfriend's condition to Saint Michael and Saint Raphael. I know they will heal her, touch her heart and soul, and disperse any evil entity.
After that, I felt a warm and sometimes, cool breeze or energy around me. It felt like spheres. I also asked them that if it's okay, please turn on or reset back the wifi router for me to be able to search for prayers once more. Just before I finished my typing activity I went if it's some kind of "me" making myself want to go there. Then I returned to my laptop, opened its lid, and woah! I have my wifi signal back!!! i don't know what to feel, say, think. My area bloomed so bright. I felt goosebumps. I felt this energy around me. I know it's my 7 guardians together with my guardian angel. I know, it's their presence.
My God. I almost cried. I ran back to the altar. I kneeled and praised Our Father almighty. I thanked him. I prayed. I cannot explain that wonderful feeling. I felt His divine presence together with His Archangels.
As I'm kneeling, I prayed, thanked him, then I felt a warm, touch on both of my arms that are placed in the table. i cannot explain. I know He's here. I felt Our Father. I know I got blessed and His presence. His divinity is here. I cannot see Him, but I felt Him. He's like holding both of my arms as I kneel. It was light all over that area, that light came not from the altar light nor to our ceiling ligh,t. I don't know. I cannot explain it. Wow.
After all these years. I once became His servant in His church, an acolyte, I became an atheist in a short time due to hatred and disgust on what happened in the past, I almost quitted, and then, I found my way back to Him, and now He blessed me.
He touched me, I felt it. it was wonderful. I felt Our Father's touch. Glory be to Him. It was an amazing experience. I pray, I hope, and I know this will not be the last time, just call His name, have faith, and wow.
Nothing's impossible to Our Father. Glory be to Him. and God bless to whoever's reading this. Glory be to God. Bless us. Thank you to the 7 archangels who aided me countless times. My devotion to you is vast and deep since childhood. I know I once lost my way. Thank you for showing me the light. and thanks to this website. Thanks. wow man, I still don't know what to say now here, what to feel. I felt so blessed. I know Our Father is here all the time. Together with the 7 Archangels. wow.

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