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The Shining Diamond

I am thy God, a diamond shining
Upon the waters of thy soul
Piercing ray of light divining
Maya, its veil now gone

Falsely, human dross impels
The soul to believe in muddy waters
That attempt to drown and fade
The memory of direction

But ha! The diamond shines now forth
To fire, enflame the night!
Piercing the veil - illusion and karma
Consuming all records of fear and death

Shiva, the dancing one is come
The glorious presence is now won
Bringing to earth God's radiant peace
And giving freedom's full release

The human is no more
Thee, oh God I do adore
To perform thy work, my Lord
To be a living sword

I am a Son of God
Of living fire I come
To cleave asunder real from unreal
The diamond-shining one

© 2007 Orion Beaufort. Used with permission.

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