Angel Nurses

by Ann Ellis
(Great Britain)

1975 was not a good year for me; I had lost three babies that year.
It started when I had a dream; I was five months pregnant. In this dream, I was walking over a beautiful bridge. I sensed I could only walk halfway over it. I was holding the twins, wrapped in swadling bands, one in each arm.
In the distance, a nurse walked towards me. She walked on the bridge, and asked me to hand over my babies; her voice was precise but also kind. I handed the babies to her, as I sensed they were going to a better place.
Two weeks later on the 23rd of Feb I lost one of the babies and on 27th I lost the other baby. I didn't even know I was carrying twins, as I hadn't had my first checkup.

I lost my third baby that was full term on the 6th of December.
It was the day my baby was due, I felt a huge turnover in my tummy, and then I felt no movement. I went to the doc's; he couldn't hear a heartbeat, so got my husband to take me to the hospital. They couldn't hear a heartbeat either. The nurse said your baby's dead, so we will induce you on Friday.
Bearing in mind this was four days later, so I had a dead baby inside me for four days. Friday came, I was induced, and was in a great deal of pain when a nurse dressed in white with a cap on, said: "You shouldn't have to go through this my child." She gave me something and left.
Eight hours later I woke up, to see a nurse walking away with my baby daughter wrapped in a blanket. I didn't feel a thing.
I still believe the nurse was an Angel.

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by: Patricia

Aw, bless you, Ann. What a trauma and a grief!
Thank you for sharing your story. <3

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