Angel Aurora has such Grace

by Lerato
(Pretoria, South Africa)

I am going through a spiritual transformation and also having trouble in my marriage. Last night I prayed for forgiveness and confessed my sins because I met with friends and got really drunk a few days before. So during my midnight prayer, I asked for God to forgive my sins.
I dreamt there wete violet rays of a woman carrying herself with such grace and class. She kept saying femininity over and over. I was light all over I was so amazed in the dream, and as my husband pulled me closer to him she vanished, but as soon as I fell asleep, she came back.
As I write this, I was doing some research, and I find reference of the Archangel Uriel, who is the Male consort of Angel Aurora.
I had also dreamt of The Book of Enoch to read which has a lot of reference for Archangel Uriel.

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by: Patricia

What a blessing to have such a dream, Lerato.

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