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The Flame of Love

This week's spoonful is a spiritual love poem by Rev. Gene Vossler, found in his recently released book, Wind of the Spirit. Happy Valentine's Day!

I AM pink flame of love divine
Transcending light of space and time
Aglow with fire and burning zeal
The heart of God to all reveal.

I AM the flame, the fiery core
a loving touch and spirits soar.
The breath of healing on love's wings,
The joy of life creation sings.

I AM the mighty flame of love
The Source of life, the snow white dove
My heart sings out with cosmic power
Of life revealed in nature's flower.

I AM the love of all that's true,
the torch of freedom passed to you,
God-spark of purity burning bright,
Sings out the glory - I AM Light.

Come, come, come now sacred fire
with holy love our souls inspire.
As lovers of God and man we run,
for we are one with the Central Sun.

Let us each day our voices raise,
hymns of joy, and love and praise.
As life flows to its final goal
of Alpha and Omega, our one God-soul.

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