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Generating a Whirling Sun of Inner Peace

This week's spoonful comes from Emotions: Transforming Anger, Fear and Pain: Creating Heart-Centeredness in a Turbulent World by Rev. Marilyn Barrick, Ph.D.

We all realize that instantaneous fear can be injected into a crowd of people. For example, when someone yells, "Fire!" in a crowded place (or we get news of an earthquake or terrorist attack), we feel the grip of that emotion.

Why does this occur? That message of fear polarizes with fear we already harbor within ourselves. If we didn't have our own fear to ground it, that fear-laden yell would rouse us to appropriate action, not panic.

We usually feel that fear in the pit of our stomach, which connects directly to our solar-plexus chakra. Sometimes the fear can get so strong we are quaking all over. What is the opposite of such inner fear and trembling? It is an ongoing sense of the inner peace and quietude we just practiced.

Our solar plexus chakra is meant to be a place of peace - a whirling sun of peace, spinning so fast that it appears to be utterly still. That whirling action transforms our inner trembling. And it deflects all that is unlike itself - just as a fan might blow away the dust. Try this mantra when you feel that shivering in your solar plexus (visualize a band of white fire around the chakra):

Count To Nine

Come now by love divine,
Guard thou this soul of mine,
Make now my world all thine,
God's light around me shine.

I count one,
It is done.
O feeling world, Be still!
Two and three, I AM free,
Peace, it is God's will.

I count four,
I do adore
My Presence all divine.
Five and six, O God, affix
My gaze on Thee sublime!

I count seven,
Come, O heaven,
My energies take hold!
Eight and nine,
Completely thine,
My mental world enfold!

The white-fire light now encircles me,
All riptides are rejected!
With God's own might around me bright
I AM by love protected!

When we have a powerful energy of peace whirling in our solar plexus, we do not tie into the fear when fear-inducing energies come at us. Those energies are deflected and transformed by our tremendous momentum of inner peace.

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