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May 17, 2015

A Spoonful of Spiritual Quotes, your weekly-ish words of spiritual encouragement and wisdom, brought to you by

Here is a profound statement by Elizabeth Clare Prophet. She was Prophet by name and proffession. She was an annointed messenger of the Great White Brotherhood. (White denotes the white aura of light they carry).

“A dictation is truly a divine happening of which I am but the instrument. It is a gift of the Holy Spirit and not something I can make happen.”

~ Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Here is the page that contains that quote.

It has a video of the webinar that I gave a while back. It's all about healing of the mind, body and spirit. We are all intergrated whole beings aren't we?

Anyway, as part of the presentation we played a video of Elizabeth Clare Prophet giving a dication from Archangel Rapheal, who specialises in healing. In fact when you watch the dictation he places his healing thoughtform over you. (The healing thoughtform is shown and expained in the webinar video.)

Every dictation realses light. A replay does the exact same as if we were present at the live event.

So I would like to invite you to partake of the light emitted by this dictation.

Please let me know your thoughts and feelings afterwards by replying to this email. I read and reply to every email.

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PS. Watch the videos of the webinar and dictation here.

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