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You Cannot Equalize a Society

This week's spoonful is from Lost Teachings on Your Higher Self by Elizabeth Clare Prophet.

Believe me, people do reembody - they do come back into embodiment - and they bring with them a certain karmic record. This is their own record, not someone elses's. The government of heaven does not mix our records. Thank heaven for that! The Keeper of the Scrolls and the recording angels and the Lords of Karma - they know you and they know me and they know all people.

And therefore, because of the law of karma you cannot equalize a society and make everybody in a society equal economically or in any other way. You couldn't do it if you wanted to! You couldn't do it because of birth factors alone. People's genes and chromosomes, their inheritance, their karmic circumstances are physically different. Some are born with a father and mother and some are born without a father and mother, in the sense that they lose both father and mother.

Our karma is different - each and every one of us. And we need not despair over it because, as Bernarr Macfadden used to say, and he said it correctly: If you don't like your life, you can always make it over. And this is truth. That's one thing God has done. "We make or unmake our lives every day," he said. God has given us the opportunity to re-create ourselves daily.

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