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Praying, Not Punching

This week's spoonful comes from Rev. Marilyn Barrick, Ph.D. in her book Emotions: Transforming Anger, Fear and Pain: Creating Heart-Centeredness in a Turbulent World

Instead of battling with our human emotions, we can ask our Higher Self and the angels to help us take care of the drama.

We can call upon Archangel Michael, a mighty being often portrayed with his foot on a fallen angel or devil. We can ask Archangel Michael to deal with fallen-angel types - and our own dweller [the "dark side" that tempts us and is not part of our Real Self]. We can ask the merciful Kuan Yin to help us transmute our patterns of hurt, pride, anger and resentment.

So we humble ourselves. We pray and talk to God and call upon the hosts of the Lord. And we do not take agressive action, for in our human reactivity we are too likely to misuse our power. We don't have to yell and scream at anyone; we don't have to punch anybody out.

Our role is to make the call to our Higher Self and the angels and then listen inwardly for the response. And often the answer comes as an intuition, a shift in perspective or a creative idea about how to handle the situation.

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