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Divine Love Heals Anger

This week's spoonful comes from Pearls of Wisdom: Mysteries of the Soul; Vol. 35, Book II, published by Summit University Press in 1992 and currently out of print. The author of this particular excerpt is anonymous.

It's been a year of psychology - psychology of self - and I'd like to share an initiation I had in the context of hope.

I was put in contact with a person whom I needed to work with. There was a problem! Every time I got around this person I became irritated and wanted to argue. My thoughts were not of a kindly nature - and I indulged! I found people who agreed with me about this person and one thing led to another. Yes, I was talking behind this person's back in a fashion that could not be deemed Christlike.

Unfortunately I carried on like this for about two weeks, but then a sudden awakening of my consciousness made me realize my mistake. My Holy Christ Self or an Ascended Master or angel must have enlightened me. I was truly horrifed at my behavior and wondered how I could ever have behaved so viciously. I knew instantly that I had to make amends but that it would not be easy for me.

I called this person on the telephone and simply apologized for any behavior on my part that was not Christlike. (I realized this person had some of the same traits as my father, with whom I had not resolved my relationship.)

Even though I felt somewhat better, I felt things were still not resolved between us. I prayed and prayed for the God-solution. Within a few days, this person came to my house and out of the blue apologized to me!

At that very moment, a wave of love descended upon me, so encompassing that it instantly dissolved all my negative feelings towards this person. I emphatically knew that from that moment on, no matter what this person did or said, I would forever love the Christ within and never again be upset or disturbed by the human consciousness. This grace of God was so powerful and moving that I just sat there, unable to speak.

As God is my witness, I have not to this day been agitated in any way by this person's behavior. I truly consider us friends on the Path.

I have learned that the fear of facing our trials cannot compare with the Love God blesses us with when we face and conquer them. God loves us, each and every one - but how much more can be given to us when we but give to him!

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