Angel citing in the Hamptons,Newyork

by Anthony Boyd
(New Jersey)

Im a musician (Bassplayer) and l had a gig in the Hamptons that l drove to from NewJersey. The evening gig went great,and l gave the soloist of the gig a ride back to her place which was in the Hamptons. She was in the front seat giving directions,and one of the band members was in the back seat of my car as l drove. The streets we were driving on didn't have many street lights, with a lot of curves and winding road..and it made it difficult to see.
I remember asking her to tell me where the turns are early, because l wasn't familiar with the roads and it was very dark. A couple of minutes later l saw a bright light beam down from the air which lit up in front of my car...and l saw an angel fly down and hover in front of my car as l was driving. The angel was suspended up just above
My car and it move across from in front of the driver side of the window to the passenger side of the front window. All while moving forward ahead of the vehicle. The eyes were very bright and the complexion was a liht tanish color. I was almost in shock by now from what was transpiring, but before l could speak, my front passenger was almost yelling by now.

'Omg,did u see that Angel?' She said. By now the Angel had moved to the side of the vehicle and disappeared into the woods l believe. After trying to appear calm, l said, "Yes I saw the Angel". By was a bit much for me to continue to drive but I 'soldiered' on.

She told me to make a left turn, in which l did and went down another road which was very narrow,which a lot of hills. When l got to the bottom of the hill for whatever the reason, the brakes wouldn't stop the car and we slid out of control across a two lane highway with cars coming and going without one colliding with us and the vehicle stopped all the way on the side of the highway just short of hitting a barrier which if broken, our car would have been in the ocean.

I thank God for his protection and l will never be the same after this

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