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Angels as Problem Solvers

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February 2009, Issue #02

In this issue...

  1. Opening Thoughts - With God and His Angels, Yes We Can!
  2. Featured Page - Archangels Section Completed
  3. Q&A with Helen - How To Say Those Unusual Names
  4. Creative Corner - Rescued By Unseen Hands, A True Story
  5. Community - Angels Videos and a Book Preview
  6. Totally Unrelated Fun

Opening Thoughts

Recession = Hard Times? No, thanks!

Happy New Year from all of us at Lumina and Spiritual-Encyclopedia.com! 2008 was quite a year, wasn’t it? The USA elected its first African American president, China somehow got to host the Olympic Games (despite extensive human rights campaigning), but the topic that really got us all talking was the state of the global economy. Since it's at the forefront of many people's minds these days, the focus of this issue of Lumina is abundance.

Jack Canfield (co-editor of the Chicken Soup for the Soul books) tells a story about a friend of his who owns a Lexus car dealership. During the first Gulf War everyone stopped coming in to buy Lexuses. Potential customers were watching the news and holding on to their discretionary income because there was a recession. Well, the Lexus dealer knew that his business was going to take a hard hit with the way things were going so he decided to try a new sales tactic with his team.

Instead of waiting for customers to come into the car dealership, they started taking the cars to where the potential customers were. So they would take a fleet of cars out to the golf course, the country club, the marina, and parties in Beverly Hills. They would walk up to people and start a little conversation. Eventually the topic would turn to their professions, and the dealer would say 'well, I'm a Lexus dealer and I've got a new LS400 outside. Have you ever driven a Lexus?' Their conversation partner would say no. So the dealer would ask if they'd like to take a test drive in his car.

Now, have you ever stepped out of nice new luxury car and then got back into your old car? You feel like a million bucks on the way in and then...well, you can imagine. They ended up selling to 65 percent of everyone they approached that way. They actually sold more cars during the recession than they did during their peak times.

The point of the story is that a recession doesn’t have to mean financial difficulties if you can think outside the box - and, of course, use the principles of spiritual alchemy... :-)

Featured Page

The Seven Archangels Section is Complete!

Patricia and I have been hard at work this month to finish up the Archangels series on Spiritual Encyclopedia. Archangels Raphael and Uriel received their pages in early January, and Archangel Zadkiel had the good fortune to receive his just in time for the release of this issue of Lumina.

The Archangels section is currently the most popular on the site so we know there'll be a lot of happy readers now that the information is complete! Click here for the recently finished guide to the archangels.

Q&A with Helen

If you have a spiritual-themed question, simply hop on over to my page at AllExperts.com and click on 'ask a question'.

Pronouncing Archangels' Names

Thanks for your great info. A few people along with myself are having issues with the concern of the correct pronunciation of the unique names of the archangels and ascended masters ie. Chamuel. Could you please assist us in some way, thank you. God bless you.
Peace and blessings,

Hello April, thanks for getting in touch.

I've had a fun time thinking of how best to convey to you the pronunciations of names. In the end I've decided I'll try it two ways. You mentioned Chamuel as an example so I'll focus on the names of the archangels. I'm not sure what ascended masters you are familiar with or curious about so I'll let you get back to me with a list of names if you are still curious on that front.

Ok, the seven archangels...

Michael: "MY-kul" (the same as the common western name for a male)
Jophiel: "JOH-fee-ul"
Chamuel: "CHAM-yoo-ul"
Gabriel: "GAY-bree-ul"
Raphael: "RAY-fee-ul"
Uriel: "YOO-ri-ul" And his feminine counterpart has a particularly interesting name - Aurora: "or-ROAR-ra" (like a lion's roar)
Zadkiel: "ZAD-kee-ul"

Note: The "ul" sound at the end of the names actually has a hint of "el" in it, but not much.

If you'd like clarification on those sounds you can go to the Angels Video Series where Elizabeth Clare Prophet gives 13 video lectures on the archangels. There is a mimimum of one video for each archangel and you can hear her say the name of that particular archangel within the first minute or so of the video, and many times thereafter.

I hope that's helpful to you and your friends! Feel free to write again if there are other names you'd like to know the pronunciation of, or if you have any further questions.

Love and light,
Helen Beaufort

Creative Corner

This true story is contributed by Daniel Behr. Thank you Daniel! If YOU have a spiritual story (true or fictional) or a spiritual poem or joke that you'd like to share, please send it in to lumina@spiritual-encyclopedia.com to be published in an upcoming issue of Lumina.

Fall from A Garage

It was a warm summer day in Montana, warm enough for T-shirt and shorts. I was working alone on top of the roof of an old garage. While on the roof I got a panoramic view of what lay directly below me.

Cast iron engine blocks, large rusty iron rail road wheels, sheets of crumpled and twisted aluminum with sharp edges pointing straight up stared at me. Large pieces of sheet glass were scattered throughout the area. Iron rail road spikes also were sprinkled throughout. I could not see the dirt for all the metal and glass which, in some cases, was piled 2-3 feet high.

I realized that if I lost my balance and fell through the large hole in the ceiling just in front of me I could be seriously injured. I decided to say a prayer for the angels to protect me.

Within minutes after making the prayer, a board I was standing on loosened. I lost my balance and fell head over heels to the ground. As I fell through the air, suddenly I felt a pair of hands on my back and time slowed down. I felt transported by these hands into another dimension. The hands put me safely down to Earth then disappear as suddenly as they came.

As I lay on the ground with my eyes shut, I feared opening my eyes as I thought I would most certainly see a bloody mess from some deep cuts that I could not feel yet. To my surprise, upon opening my eyes, I saw no blood. In fact I did not even find a scratch on my bare skin. Neither did I have any broken bones (nor did any bruises show up later). I had not even lost my breath from the impact of the fall.

I looked to my immediate left and right, where lay two solid iron block engines. I had "fallen" neatly wedged between the two of them. Had I landed less then a foot to either side I would have probably been crippled for life (or maybe even not alive at all!)

I realized my call had been answered. An angel heard my prayer and caught me. I walked away a little shaken but comforted in the proof of the protection of God when we ask for it.

You can ask Daniel to send you more of his inspirational true stories by writing to him at happybehr@gmail.com


If you haven't already checked out the online Angels Video Series, I highly recommend it. Among other things, you can hear true stories of Archangel Michael's protection, learn how to discover your purpose in life, and find out about an entirely different type of angel - the seraphim.

Did you know that there's a sample chapter of the book How to Work with Angels available online? It's a wonderful little book from the Pocket Guides to Practical Spirituality series. If you're interested enough to read the rest of the book, it is available to purchase from Amazon.

Totally Unrelated Fun

=> English can be a tricky language!
=> You never knew you wanted to know
=> Don't take no for an answer

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